Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Half Moon Bay from the Ritz

I am finally finished with this painting and it is hanging now at Riverfront thanks                                
To my son who got it onto his truck. It is 4'x6', acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas,

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BLKD said...

Would you be willing to have a copy of this included in the case statement for the Half Moon Bay History Association, opposite this quote from local artist Galen Wolf?

A spell has been about you since first you glimpsed the coast of San Mateo. The hay fields are a dusty gold, and the half-seen hills a soft and smoky blue. Here is the long dream. You will carry a bit of it all your life. For the dream is fadeless, the heritage of all those who know and love this land. - Galen Wolf

We would give you credit. All we need is a high resolution image.

Thank you for considering this!

Barbara Dye