Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pair of Apples Oil Painting

One of the artists at the studio said that she read a quote somewhere about how a famous art teacher told his students to paint an apple a day for a year. His contention was that once you have mastered all that is involved in this simple/complicated fruit, then you were ready to get serious and become a painter of note. Apples are never simple, just look at what happened in the Garden of Eden. This painting is 5 x 7, framed in a wide gold plein air frame  and is priced at 200.00 without shipping charges.


Unknown said...

Isaw this painting in Robert Genn's clickback at the top of the article called Spring Cleaning. I thought that this was one you wanted to get rid of. Thank goodness I was wrong. I like your work very much.
Your fellow artist, who has been painting for 62 years, I am now age 82.
Irene Chaikin

Laura Dietrick said...

Thanks Irene, glad that you like my work. The stuff that Robert posted wasn't my spring cleaning stuff, lol. I have plenty of that in a box on the floor in my studio at home. Would love to see what your art looks like.