Monday, April 18, 2011

Picasso Exhibit at the Virginia Fine Arts Museum

Portrait of Dora Maar  c1937 I have just returned from Richmond and having seen the exhibit at the VFMA that features well over 100 pieces of Picasso's artwork on loan from Paris. It was alot to take in with the crowds, the paintings, photographs, sculptures and prints.
I knew that Picasso was prolific, but when you have the opportunity to look at so much of it at one time (outside of a glossy book) you understand just how driven and bold this man was.
And might I add...what is with his shirt always being off for photographs? Perhaps just another statement from the artist about the artist?  I wonder and wander...
The exhibit itself was well done and except for a too narrow hallway where one didn't know whether to look at all the paintings on the right and then come back down the hall, or to dodge left then right.  It was all beautifully managed; from the darling docent that told me I couldn't use an ink pen in the gallery for taking notes, then providing me with a lovely, complimentary pencil- to the flawless lighting and placement of the paintings and sculputes, I say, bravo to the VFAM.
Paul as Harlequin  c1924
The admiration I now have for Picasso and his tenacity and daring in pursuing his work has surely increased. As my husband puts it, "He certainly  blazed his own trail..." and I agree. I love the fact that you can see his desire to push his work, discover new stuff, drive himself and all the while with what seems to be courage and fearlessness and belief in his own goals and purpose,'s just amazing!
Picasso- the man, the husband, father, womanizer, I'm not too crazy about. He went through women as if they were disposable products there only for his use to be eventually discarded. And discard them he did. See full size image
But...I have always thought that the work should speak for itself and in spite of the fact that he was such an egotistical man, the work still is so strong, so unusual, and so historic in breaking new ground that one can only marvel at the man in spite of his behavior.
There is much more to say but I leave that up to the visitor to the VFAM. I am grateful for the opportunity to see his work, as I am not  planning a trip to Paris anytime soon. The paintings will eventually go to San Francisco and the left coasters will get their chance. It is not to be missed.

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