Monday, May 12, 2014

Not being able to see...and "Where's the ketchup?"

You know how it goes...Open the fridge and look for something that you KNOW is in there, but you simply cannot find it. Shift stuff around and still not there. "Honey, where did you put the ketchup?" Then with little effort, your beloved walks up, opens the fridge and points directly to the ketchup and says, "Right there."
Duh...Front and center and I didn't see it. And so it is with painting.
I work and work and think I'm finished, but I'm not. I set it aside and come back to it only to see many errors. Again, more corrections, more work. I think that perhaps I could do this indefinitely, but at SOME point you simply have to stop and declare it finished.
The same way with life. Everyone has their flaws, problems, scars, wounds...sometimes they can see them and sometimes they can't or won't or are incapable. You do the best you can, and hope that by taking a fresh look and approach you might discover something new that you didn't see before. Getting away, taking a breather, doing something new, or maybe reading something inspirational sometimes can trigger that introspection and growth. But this cycle never never stop learning, getting better, hoping to paint that perfect brush stroke that once it's down it stays just as it is.
One can wish away and for a million things, but it won't change how it is. As my friend Tom always liked to say, "It is what it is..." So, if you want, you can lie about your age, your plastic surgery, your talent, your bank account, etc. but it doesn't change what the reality is. The painting isn't perfect and it has many flaws and sometimes folks see them and sometimes it doesn't bother them. But you can only paint as well as you can for that particular moment in time. One hopes to get better, smarter and wiser while walking down the road. and so, your beat goes on... Whew...getting a little heavy...
On a lighter note, I am moving to  California in less than a month. I have inventoried many paintings and have reduced in price almost all of them. I don't want to pay to ship them if I don't have to. So if you have seen something you like and have been sitting on the fence, now is the time to contact me. Shipping to the east coast will be a whole lot cheaper than from California. Drop me an email and we will work it out.
The painting above is titled, "Fiesta"

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