Saturday, March 6, 2010

Youth Symphony Orchestra Fund Raiser at Angry Adam's First Friday

An auction to benefit the Youth Symphony Orchestra took place at Angry Adam's last night. The young girl shown here is from a picture I took at Olde Towne Art on Wed. The deal was that we were to paint the evening of the event and either finish that night or later, if needed. The painting isn't quite finished here, but by the end of the evening still looked basically the same. I made the background a little more vivid and did some correcting around the mouth, chin and lips. The young girl, Ashlynn, wandered into Olde Towne Art, and thankfully posed for the photo, otherwise, I'm not sure what I would have chosen for the painting. The theme for the evening, of course, was music and my only thought about music was that it always makes me want to dance. So there you have it. Thanks, Ashlynn and thank you to your grandfather for buying the painting...the Youth Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Robert Winston is another jewel to be found in the town of Portsmouth.

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