Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Long Time for a Large Canvas

Indeed, it has been a long time.  This painting is now hanging on my dining room wall because there is literally no other place to put it. It is 4'x6' and when I had it made I thought that it would fit (just barely...) into the back of the Volvo. Nope...just a hair too large. So, I have been painting it in my garage on the wall for several weeks now. It took two days alone just to paint the edges and now that it is drying, will take 6 months before I can varnish it. It is not nearly as blue as the picture shows. More grey and more Burnt Sienna. I try very hard not alter my photos when I post them because I want to just be whatever the camera takes.  Still, the colors can be distorted. The inspiration for this painting is from a lone tree that I pass on the road every time that I drive from Sonoma to Petaluma. The title is Against All Odds. Which is appropriate, because I am getting ready to have some surgery done on my heart and hope that all goes well. Say some prayers for me!
My sister fussed at me the other day about not having posted anything in a long while, so I promise to do better after I am better.

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Clyde said...

Luv it ! Good luck, thinking of you. :-)