Friday, February 6, 2015

Light Through the Trees

Rain! We have some rain! Although I painted this over a week ago, I find that now is good time to be at home to chill and share. ( Also to catch up on paperwork...Taxes coming! Yikes!) This was my virgin trip with my new pochade box and it sure is nice! Spring will be here soon enough and although there is so much green everywhere, I am wondering if I am just being suckered into thinking it is on its way.  Still, I will take whatever Mother Nature wants to hand out to us all.


ricardokeith said...

Fantastic painting! I am very happy that I found this article. Thanks a lot for sharing your artwork with us! I’m very eager to learn Aboriginal Art painting. Can you give some tips for Aboriginal artwork?

Laura Dietrick said...

Gosh! I have never attempted anything like aboriginal art, but now that we have the internet you can do research to your heart's content. Go for it and follow your heart!