Friday, April 3, 2015

Catching Up

I know, I know...too long between postings!
So, a quick highlight and some needed input from those of you who read this blog.
First, I moved my studio from Novato to Sonoma. This took way longer to negotiate the lease, the move itself  and hauling all my stuff. I had hoped to just move straight from one to the other, but no...had to upload Novato, put it all in the garage and then repack it up and move into studio in Sonoma. Nothing is easy.
I am pretty much moved in...
I couldn't have done it without the help of my dear husband who has patiently carried, and nailed and hauled more than any poor soul should! I am getting used to being there and the mere fact that it is 5 minutes away from the house is lovely.

I made a quickie sign to put on the door so that at least people could FIND me. But I have more important and bigger signage out in front of the building and I need help on what to call my studio. I Googled what the best names were and it said that for women to use your maiden name. Check...done that for years and years. But I need to be able to think of something not too goofy that will let people know that I have paintings, teach students, take commissions, etc. Any ideas?
Also, the weather has been great! I try to get out as much as possible to paint and here is a small 5x7 study that I did of some cows by a piece of land on a farm right outside of town. Everything here is so green!
Along with the beautiful weather, we are getting ready to completely gut the whole back yard. It is old and this lovely old gazebo has got to go. It is too hard to maintain and needs lots of work. It will be demolished which makes me really sad, but it must be. We had hoped that someone would take it, but everyone who came and took a look said that it was way too big a project to undertake.
And speaking of sad, my friend, Morna Owens died not too long ago. I am still so shocked that she is gone. She was an artist, a writer, and a good friend. She was always so encouraging of my work. I will miss our long phone conversations while I painted away.
So there you have it.
I am wishing everyone a very blessed Easter and may we continue to be blessed!

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